Trump Lowers Almost Everyone’s Taxes, Increases Revenues But What’s the Reaction?

Trump Wins And They Hate Him More

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New York (CNNMoney) — Donald Trump may love bashing hedge fund managers, but his tax plan would still be a big windfall for the rich.

Trump wants to reduce the current seven tax brackets to four, bringing the top rate on the wealthy down to 25%, from 39.6%. That would be a hefty tax cut for the rich.

Tax not the excellent marketing results. Wait at least until it becomes real wealth. Give ‘em a break in Colorado Springs.

Comment About Home Schooling In Germany

Too late to speak up. 
September 28, 2015 at 4:26 pm – Reply

Note also that HOME SCHOOLING is ILLEGAL in Germany, and that law is enforced with zeal.

In either 2014 or 2015, a German family sought asylum in the USA, due solely for the freedom of parental education rights.

The 0bama mafia summarily denied their application. Don’t know if they were deported or still appealing.

This also relates to censorship and ensuring future generations are fully indoctrinated into the SYSTEM.

You only need to look on an island to get affordable Georgia living.

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No more authoritarianism! We’ll enforce it by authoritarianism.



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